Some people say, that a picture can tell you thousand words. It can change your perspective or just give you some new dimensions that words do not. I would certainly agree with that. But pictures mean also something more to me. Being myopic, sometimes I did not have a chance to see things like the others do. So my camera is not just a device for me but also like my third eye, with which I can see things, that my eyes cannot, catching moments, that might be forgotten or just keep alive that smile of happiness, sparkle in eyes or a special look of bored child on a wedding.
I started photography in my childhood. My professional way began parallel with buying professional device, that on one hand allows me to take quality pictures and on the other hand to find the details, that would maybe stay unknown.
Maybe you do not know, but my other career is working in tourism. Meeting new people, learning about other cultures, communicating in languages of the world is maybe not directly connected to photography. But if we look deeper, what else can give you such a perspective of the world around us that actually working in it. Usually tourists decide about their holidays on the base of the images they see. Understanding that helps me to see and to know, what people want. Which moment is the right one to remember? What kind of light makes people look better. And the most important for me, finding details, that bring the image closer to perfection.
In my opinion, there is actually a bit of magic in it. With taking photos you are taking history in to the future, as making yesterday for forever. So sometimes I really feel like a prophet. What will people want to see on themselves in 30 years? I do not know, but I try to understand.
On that place I would like to thank to my first clients, couple, that were actually friends of mine and were also the first giving me the opportunity to prove myself with taking pictures on their wedding. Thanks also to other people that were, are or will trust me or give me the chance to do, what I love.
I know I am relatively new in that area. But I believe that what makes a good photographer does not come from years, but from passion. Of course experiences give you knowledge. What angle is the best for this situation? What kind of light will suit? Life is constant process of learning. About good and maybe not so good thinks. But at the end these are the moments that count. And I am here for keeping them alive.
Someone once said, that the goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer. So please join me on my photographic way and help me create timeless memories of a wedding, event or something else. My promise to you is not to catch just the perfect moment, but the one you feel.
Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.
David Alan Harvey